Animation Course

teacher: Sasha Dorogov:

Admissions for online !


In order to get on board, you need to send your best life drawings to our email. if you want you can also make a reservation* by signing the agreement. Reservation fee is $65.

Сost is specified for 1 year of training

Training can be paid by installments

*Reservation is up to you. If you want to skip the reservation, you can do this; however, we cannot guarantee that by the start of the studies we still have free space for you.

Course curriculum:

Year 1

1st semester: "Morphing" assignment.

2nd semester: "Flag" assignment, first half of "Feet" assignment.


Year 2

3rd semester: "Feet" assignment, "Geometry" assignment.


4th semester: "Movement of bipedal character" assignment or "Movement of animal character" assignment.


Year 3

5th semester: "Resist the wind" assignment, "Awaiting at vet's" scene.

6th semester: "Intellectual difference of two characters" scene, dialogue of 2 characters. "Role play: character differentiation" final assignment.


If you complete all assignments sooner than expected, we will be happy to promote you earlier! Also you can repeat a year if you don't feel confident in your knowledge or left behind.


Group 04 learning schedule

Year 1

1st semester:  February 2018 — June 2018 (Examination period in January)

2nd semester:  September 2018 — February 2019 (Examination period* in May)


Year 2

3rd semester:  February 2019 — June 2019 (Examination period in January)

4th semester:  September 2019 — February 2020 (Examination period* in May)


Year 3

5th semester:  February 2020 — June 2020 (Examination period in January)

6th semester:  September 2020 — February 2021 (Examination period* in May)


June, July, August — holiday season.

* Examitaion period is the time when you need to finish all your assignments for the term. No classes will be held during this period. At the end of the examination session Sasha reviews your assignments. At the end of the year, if every assignment is considered as complete, you will receive Course Completion Certificate.


How will you study?

— You receive the video material (about 1 hour long, plus all the recorder reviews of assignments made by other students). You can watch all those materials on your profile page*.

— You carefully watch all those videos, making sure you understood the term of the assignment you're about to tackle.

— You make this assignment using software or on the paper.

— You upload completed assignment on your profile page.

— About three times a month you will be invited to a private or group calls with Sasha, where you can receive feedback, ask questions and get corrections.

— Also the teacher can organize group call in order to check on group progress or answer to the most frequent questions. You will be informed about this meeting in advance.

*You get your own profile page on our platform, where you can watch and upload videos, chat with teacher or classmates.



We encourage old-fashioned way of study as more effective one: paper and pencil. So if you choose to make your assignments that way, you will need a light table or light box, pegs — all this equipment you can order with our help. You can make holes in your paper using your own punch machine or while visiting life drawing session, held in Moscow by our teacher Tatiana.

If you don't have the ability to work with pencil — or simply don't want to — you can always use special software, which we will gladly provide.

Free scholarship for a half a year!

Since September 2014 we included one free scholarship with full coverage of every expense. Duration of this scholarship is one term. Every student from any group, ready to show his ability to work hard and produce results, is eligible to receive this scholarship.


How does this work?

After the examination period is over Sasha chooses the one student that outdone him/herself, made a breakthrough during the assignment, and grants this student the scholarship! If the student is eager to save scholarship and will produce the same outstanding results during further studies, we would be glad to prolong it!


But what if more than one student shows those results?

We always encourage the students to aim for the stars, so if more than one student will show equally outstanding performance, we will gladly grant scholarship to both of them! Just remember, that scholarship is awarded twice a year, at the end of January and May.


We wish every student luck, success and willingness to show their best!

Course admissions (click to choose)

№ Group Course starts Price Admission Group size Remaining seats
Группа 18 01 September 2019 3600 $ Open 12 man 7 man
Group 16 EN 01 February 2019 3400 $ Open 12 man 0 man
Group 14 EN 01 September 2018 3200 $ Open 12 man 0 man
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Where do our students work?

Most of the second year students are already working as animators,
and many studios are eager to employ them as an interns.