Life drawing

teacher: Sukhova Tanya:

Admissions for September 2015 are open!


If you want to enroll, simply send us your life drawings and request for admission to life drawing course.

Course curriculum is based on the requirements for the main Animation course. The main goal of the course is to prepare animators while training them in life drawing.


Course schedule




How do we study?

The teacher holds the life drawings sessions. At the beginning of the session she states the learning goals for the day, and during the session she will make corrections and guide students towards those goals.



We draw using black pencils on A4 or A3 paper.

Free scholarship for a half a year!

Since September 2014 we included one free scholarship with full coverage of every expense. Duration of this scholarship is one term. Every student from any group, ready to show his ability to work hard and produce results, is eligible to receive this scholarship.


How does this work?

After the examination period is over Sasha chooses the one student that outdone him/herself, made a breakthrough during the assignment, and grants this student the scholarship! If the student is eager to save scholarship and will produce the same outstanding results during further studies, we would be glad to prolong it!


But what if more than one student shows those results?

We always encourage the students to aim for the stars, so if more than one student will show equally outstanding performance, we will gladly grant scholarship to both of them! Just remember, that scholarship is awarded twice a year, at the end of January and May.


We wish every student luck, success and willingness to show their best!

Course admissions (click to choose)

№ Group Course starts Price Admission Group size Remaining seats
Курс набросков 01 September 2016 100 $ Close 15 man 9 man
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Where do our students work?

Most of the second year students are already working as animators,
and many studios are eager to employ them as an interns.