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Our courses
Education is organized in accordance with the international standards of the animated film industry. Our specialists offer animation art courses in the following areas:
  • Duration: 1 year
  • 350 per month
  • Duration: 3 years
  • 400 Per monthly
  • Duration: от 4 месяцев
  • 200 monthly payment

Dorogov’s Animation Institute

Alexander Dorogov is a founder of our school and an author of the unique teaching program and methodology developed due to the long-term Russian and American animation experience. Alexander's total experience makes more than 30 years.

Our students begin to build their careers before they complete the course and work for large companies such as Disney Animation. The participation in Russian and international animation festivals and nominations for prestigious professional competitions help in their work that, in turn, provides them in collecting the necessary portfolio and even receiving a prestigious award.

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Our student's projects
Practice is a main element of our courses. The projects of students of Dorogov’s Animation Institute is given below!
Assignment by student Anastasiya Bolkonskaya “RESIST THE WIND”
Assignment “The trampoline” by student Bolkonskaya Anastasiya
All assignments
Studios working with our graduates:

D.A.I. project

Recently we have launched our own project producing student animation films. The project was created with the support of Alexander Dorogov (D.A.I), Marat Davletshin (Disney), Ivan Pshonkin (Aeroplan). Our website allows you to follow the project in detail, watch the process of producing creating films, and also gain experience from professionals working in the largest animation studios.

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