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Welcome to Dorogov's Animation Institute! Here you can get incredible opportunities,

knowledge and experience and learn how to implement your most fantastic ideas.

Our approach

Love for animation

Love for animation inspires, makes us kinder and more confident. It makes you cry and laugh, inspired by drawn, but completely alive characters. It is the animation that can make the invisible visible, and we are happy to participate in it. This is akin to the poetry, the form which becomes the meaning.

Professional competence and strictness

The enormous self-improvement, self-strictnesss, creative atmosphere and lector's professionalism play a crucial role in the artistic development of the animation specialist. Our lectors are real professionals, having vast experience, knowledge and the secrets of skill in the animation world; they share with full dedication, which accordingly requires complete student's reciprocity.

Respect and attentiveness

Attentiveness has an important personal meaning. Student's attentiveness should be the habit of carefully listening and performing lector's tasks. Lector's attentiveness is expressed in care and goodwill as well as in the ability to feel the student’s state and capabilities. The combination of mutual attention results in the mutual respect. This is the basis of our education concept.
Education process

Studying at Dorogov's Animation Institute takes place according to a simple and accessible scheme. You have an access to the open lectures lasting from 4 to 5 months, in your personal account on our site for each semester. You have to do your homework for these lectures and send it to the lector on a scheduled day. The lector has to check your work and send you comments and edits. After the lector accepts your work, you proceed to the next one.

There are online consultations once or twice a month, where you can personally ask questions and the lector consults you. Your personal account allows you to communicate with fellow students and share your experience and knowledge.

Each semester ends with a session where you submit your completed examination project. The next semester begins with a new task and everything repeats.

If you have any problems, material misunderstanding or learning difficulties, you can repeat the course; we take it only positively.

The academic year can start from September 1, as well as from February 1, as you choose. Sessions, respectively, are annually in January and May. We do not study in June, July and August; we relax, gain strength and creative ideas for the next academic year.

Our graduates - our pride
More than 1000 people studied at our Animation Institute and whatever life course our graduates chose for themselves, they have become highly qualified specialists in the world-class Animation and can afford to make the choice where and in what industry to apply their talent, professional competence and creative opportunities. The Animation Institute served as a reliable starting point for them to achieve their goals.


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About Dorogov's Animation Institute

The idea of creating an institute came as a result of a long improvement way. In 2012, thanks to talented people, Sasha Dorogov's Animation School was opened and began working in full-time as a non-state educational institution.

Before school opening, the founder and main lector Sasha Dorogov taught animation at courses organized with the support of animation studios and projects such as Vizart Animation studios, Toonbox studios, BIGIM studios, Frog Paradise and Sapsan projects

The full-time course was very convenient for Moscow and St. Petersburg residents, but limited the possibilities for self-realization and leveling for specialists from regions and other countries.

Online Dorogov’s
Animation Institute
is a place where
ideas and dreams come true

The word of mouth about the lector Dorogov helped to improve, and since 2015 the school has launched distant learning, which push the boundaries of opportunities for students not only from Russia, but from the whole World. Now studying at Sasha Dorogov's Animation School is online.

The Animation Institute was mainly established due to the objective reality, the professional lector's and student's status improvement.

The students learn
under the author's
education program of

If the Animation School students regularly participate in Russian and international animation festivals, they are nominated for prestigious professional contests, given authoritative awards and invited to major studios such as Disney Animation; the Institute’s graduates are offered more opportunities and high goals, which corresponds to the main task education, i.e. training of high-qualified animation specialists of world importance, where we give a guarantee of employment in countries such as Russia, Canada, USA, Europe.

The main and unique advantage of the Animation Institute is the author's program and the exclusive teaching methods developed by Professor of Animation Sasha Dorogov for all teaching experience since 1982 in the USSR, and subsequently the United States and Russia. After completing the courses, graduates receive a diploma and a bachelor's degree.

Studios working with our graduates
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