Our student’s projects
This page contains the student's works of our Institute. The students perform various tasks, allowing them to apply their knowledge in practice to consolidate the theoretical knowledge!
Assignment by student Anastasiya Bolkonskaya “RESIST THE WIND”
Assignment by student Eugeny Terpugov “The magic line”
Assignment ” The difference of intellect ” by student Arnas Habi
Assignment ” The walk” by Student Alexandra Lomize
Assignment with sound ” The Balance” from Strekalova Tanya
Assignment ” The flag” by Pugach Galina
Assignment “The Walk” by student Danila Kochergin
Assignment with ink “The Flag - TWO characters” by student Ekimova Marina
Assignment ” The walk” by Student Anastasiya Bolkonskaya
Music assignment by Polina Polifonia
Assignment by Habi Arnas
Assignment “The WALK” by student Sokolova Elena
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