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Dorogov’s Animation Institute gives you unique experience and knowledge from highly qualified lecturers who have long-term teaching experience! Our lectures are internationally recognized professionals. We are used to work on the result and try to do much for our students!

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Sasha Dorogov’s school offers several animation courses, which train specialists in various fields of animation art. They differ in the level of initial training of students, the duration and the set of skills acquired as a result of training.

Animation courses at the Sasha Dorogov Institute

We conduct animation courses online. Each program includes theory in the form of lectures that can be viewed any number of times. The main part of the training consists of practical tasks to work out the basic basics of classical animation, plasticity of movements, pantomime, facial expressions and emotions of characters, the internal rhythm of the scene and many other skills.

  • Advantages of learning animation from Sasha Dorogov
    Our teachers are talented teachers and recognized masters of their craft. They are happy to share their experience, and are very demanding of students. You will have to work hard, sometimes on the verge of possibilities. After all, only with the help of hard work and love for animation can you achieve true professionalism.
    Our advantages:
  • The training takes place online. This means that you can study animation courses anywhere in the world or while abroad.
  • The ability to select the program level. Both beginners and professionals study with us.
  • We do not teach to imitate others, but develop an individual style of drawing.
  • The world’s leading animation studios are ready to hire our students.

On the website you can see the full descriptions of Dorogov’s courses.

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