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2D Animation Course
2D Animation Course


Professor of animation Sasha Dorogov

3 years

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Professor of animation

Being a founder of Dorogov’s Animation Institute, Alexander has been teaching animation courses more than 30 years. In 1983 he began his professional career as a lecturer in the animation group for children. During his work in the prominent “Souzmultfilm”, Alexander taught the studio employees and students.

In the 90s, Alexander participated in the Disney animation competition. After the victory, he was awarded the degree of professor of classical animation “Master’s degree”. Further he continued his career as an animation lecturer at Disney Studios.

Course purpose

Animators training according to the International standards of the animated motion picture industry.

Target audience

The program is designed for creative people with spatial thinking and drawing abilities as well as basic knowledge of perspective.

Course results

  • “Animator Specialist” Certificate.
  • Clear and present opportunity to work in animation studios worldwide.

Admission requirements

It is necessary to make a reservation on our website, input your personal details and submit a fee of $10 (the deposit is a guarantee for reserving your spot) to enroll in the course. You also have to fill out the application form. Please note that your reservation will not be considered without the application form.

Course program


  • 1 semester: Task “Morphing”.
  • 2 semester: Task “Flag”, Start task “Legs”.


  • 1 semester: Task “Legs”, task “Geometric figures”.
  • 2 semester: Task “Movements of a two-legged character” or “Movements of a four-legged character.”


  • 1 semester: Task “Wind Resistance”, sketch “Waiting at the vet.”
  • 2 semester: Task “Pantomime: Difference in Intelligence of a 2nd Character”, “Dialogue of a 2nd Character”, episode “Role Play: Separation by Characters” (diploma).

Despite the established course program, we often meet our students’ needs. In case of a student leaving his fellow students behind, we can easily promote him to a further course. The students also have the right to restudy any course in case of not entirely taking in the program.

Syllabus format

It is an online education process. Each student has full access to a personal account in which he or she can go over lecture material, interact with fellow students and lecturers, as well as publish completed work accordingly.

  • Lecture materials will be posted in the student’s personal account. Having listened to the lecture, the student must start performing a set task, which will become a subject of further collaboration with the lecturer.
  • The task is completed in a graphic program Toom Boom Harmony, TvPaint or Blender and is posted in your personal account for the lecturer’s perusal, checking, and reviewing.
  • Online meetings in the “QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS” format with the lecturer are regularly held at least once per month and, if necessary – the additional meetings may be scheduled at the lecturer’s discretion.

Course of study duration

The education program continues for over 3 years. The course of study duration may vary depending on your abilities and the time allotted for the specific subject of study.

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